Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Family & Friends

I guess I'm just in a reflective mood tonight and I have to write down some tender feelings I'm having. For the past month I have had the extreme pleasure of serving my sweet daughters, Penney, Maritza & Megan. In that order each had surgery and although my involvement wasn't the same with each, it did give me an opportunity to show each of them my undying love for each them. Through very small acts on my part I was unbelievably blessed and rewarded.

This has been an opportunity to get to know my grandchildren better and form a more loving and lasting bond. I thrilled as I had the opportunity to play ball with little Tommy and Caden and I had a grueling game of Battleship. I can't express how happy I was to help Braxton with his geometry, because I consider math to be a four letter word. But I figured it out, with a little help from Brooke, and I was so excited to accomplish that fete with him I marvel as I saw the creativity of Colton and my heart just swells as I feel the love just exudes from him. He had made the most awesome Halloween decorations for their front porch, nevermind that he had used all of Megan's fabric stash to stuff them with. I was so happy to bond with T.J. and Landon and felt so happy when they didn't cry when they came to be tended yet one more time.

I did very little to serve Maritza because she just bounced back so fast, but I did feel really great about taking in dinner and giving back just a little of what she does all the time for us.

I did a little openhouse this week with Lory VanValkenburg and it was just so great to spend a couple of days renewing our friendship. We have a special bond that always picks up exactly where we left off. Even though we've had some rough bumps in our relationship, she has blessed my life and made a definite difference.

I was also supported by Mary Watkins who is my soul mate and kindred spirit Friends are God's special gift to us to help us through this life with a smile on our face. I have been so blessed to have so many good friends. I thank my Heavenly Father for the blessing of family & friends who lift me, support me, love my in spite of myself, and who are always there.

Junior Delinquent Water Melon Busters

Sundays are always the highlight of our week because it's the day the kids come to visit. We enjoy them and they especially enjoy each other.
Skyler and Tyler (aka Naughty & Naughtier) are little ticking time bombs when they get their adventurous minds in motion. While the rest of us were inside enjoying quiet conversation they ventured outside and the first thing they came across as they opened the door were four of Grandpa's newly harvested water melons, freshly picked from his garden. Who wants to EAT a water melon when you can have so much fun busting it on the patio? And if that isn't fun enough to see it splatter on the cement, you can always resort to throwing it against the picture window and the freezer. Well, at least it quickly got the attention of the unattentive adults.

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